8 Reasons Your Agency Needs AuthorityLabs

We all know the life and needs of agencies are different than those of in-house marketers. Providing successful marketing to several clients, versus just one business, can be a heavy burden. Although tools are essential for both types of marketers, certain tools benefit certain marketers better than others.

AuthorityLabs is a great example of a tool that not only an SEO can benefit from, but an entire agency. SEO tools like AuthorityLabs help agencies monitor multiple client’s rankings, while sharing data as a team to meet client goals.

1. Monitor Your Client’s SEO

From harsh penalties to simple errors, SEO can change quickly. Agencies have to constantly monitor these changes and stay up to date on their client’s ranking behaviors. If an agency slips and misses an important update, a drop in rankings is the first thing a client will notice.

“How come I’m not showing up on page one when I search ‘my business’ in Google?”

AuthorityLabs makes monitoring client’s rankings manageable by homing all of the SEO tools you need under one roof. Dissect analytics and stay on track of local rankings and (not provided) keywords, all while sharing SEO data with clients and the team.

2. Track and Analyze Client’s Competitors

Clients want real data, especially when it comes to data about their competitors. Using AuthorityLabs, analyze different competitors patterns and keywords to see what kind of opportunities your client may be missing out on. You can also track competitors by comparing a client’s domain against theirs using the same sets of keywords. Once competitors are added into the system, group and sync domains to get a side by side comparison of your client’s rankings and their demographics.


3. Brand Your Analytics

When using third-parties for data and analytics, converting results into your own agencies branding can be difficult. Luckily, AuthorityLabs is 100% white label, meaning you can customize reports with an agency’s logo and branding. This gives clients a comforting feeling knowing all of the data is coming from the agency they hired, as well as trust the data from AuthorityLabs. You can also invite clients to login with their own login access so they can see the specific reports and ranking data.

4. Avoid Additional User Costs

Have a large agency? No need to fear additional user costs! Most companies have a user limit included with the original cost. Any extra users (usually any amount over one user) results in an additional charge for licenses or logins. For larger agencies, this means an affordable tool can become unaffordable quickly.

Authority Labs understands the needs of agencies and therefore doesn’t charge extra for additional user accounts. The seo and social team can both login to AuthorityLabs at no additional cost, as well as give multiple people and clients access to ranking reports.


5. Track Mobile Rankings

Whether you need to compare a client’s mobile rankings with their desktop rankings, or just want to stay on top of the overall #mobilegeddon impact, AuthorityLabs gives agencies a safe place to track all rankings.

The best part of AuthorityLabs’ mobile tracking is the ability to compare a client’s mobile website rankings side-by-side with their desktop and local rankings. The side-by-side feature gives agencies a complete understanding of how a client’s website is seen by viewers when their searching from their phones in a specific zip or postal code.


6. Schedule Weekly or Monthly Reporting 

AuthorityLabs was created to save time. Anyone who manually runs reports knows how tedious and time consuming it can be, especially for multiple clients. Prioritize your day by creating automated data exports for your clients, producing weekly and monthly ranking reports. In addition to scheduled reporting, agencies can keep track of current rankings, changes in ranking, historical rankings, download PDF reports, use a public link feature, instant CSV exports of single domains, or use the rank tracking API. Reporting for multiple clients has never been easier.


7. Track Results by Location

If a client’s campaign is targeting a given country, city, or zip code, you’ll need more than just basic rank tracking. AuthorityLabs gives agencies the ability to track domains in every country and language offered by Google, Yahoo! and Bing. City and zip code level tracking becomes more important as engines geotarget search results based on a searcher’s locale. When adding domains to track, you can choose a city or zip code to find out how Google presents your client’s site to searchers in each specific location.

8. Unlock Now Provided Keywords

Finally crack analytics and discover what those mysterious Now Provided keywords are. Those keywords are essential for bidding and offer numerous opportunities for rank improvement. Several keyword targeting opportunities went missing after “not provided” was rolled out and popular keywords were no longer displayed in analytics. With the Now Provided tool from AuthorityLabs, you can show clients which keywords are driving traffic and better optimize campaigns.


Take a Tour With Us

Haunted houses, the statues of Rome, and the Great Wall of China all make great tours. But, what’s even better? Our Authority Labs guided tour! Although this tour’s only spooky visitors is it’s tracking data, all of your ranking questions will be answered, and we hope, your SEO dreams will come true.

Want info about pricing and more detail? Contact us! We’d be happy to assist your agency with all of it’s SERP needs.

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