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Industry leaders choose AuthorityLabs

Save yourself some time. Let us track your rankings daily.

Add the domains, keywords, and locations you want to track, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Daily Data

Always know where you stand by reacting to changes as they happen with daily rank checking. Available for all plans

Local Results

Dig into the most accurate and granular data available by tracking search results by state, city, and even postal code.

Mobile Specific

Stay on the cutting edge by tracking your mobile ranking and the keywords mobile users are using with our device-specific data.

Global Tracking

Expand your reach by easily adding domains or pages from any country or language supported by Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Reliable SEO Software, Built For Your Needs

You know your SEO keyword ranking goals better than anyone. You implement the SEO tactics and strategy, the keyword Rank Tracker will prove that it's working.

Track Competitors

Gain a competitive advantage by tracking competitor domains. See them side by side with your own.

100% White Label

Send the individualized dashboards to clients via simple URL so they can check their rankings each day.

Unlimited Users

Your team, clients, and even your boss can all have their own login for reporting. At no additional cost. Yes, you read that right.

(Not Provided) Keywords Are Now Provided

Google Analytics Keyword Not Provided

Most SERP tools don’t show you the ‘Not Provided’ keywords, which are often the most important keywords that visitors use to search for websites like yours. We’ve got you covered, discover those pesky ‘Not Provided’ keywords and inform your SEO strategy with the insights.

With our unique Now Provided reports, you can find new keyword targeting opportunities. Now you’ll know exactly what terms your visitors are using to search and discover your website. Optimize your content strategy and uncover content gaps in 60 seconds or less.

We get the data for our Now Provided reports data from multiple sources, pulling from our own rank tracking data and Google Analytics to show you which keywords are driving traffic to each page on your site.

Use this report to prioritize SEO focus, plan new content, and improve underperforming landing pages

AuthorityLabs is Ideal for Local SEO

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Get location-specific rank tracking with AuthorityLabs.

Get Your Rank Tracker Data Pulled Into Google Data Studio

AuthorityLabs plus Google Data Studio

Take the most accurate keyword rank tracking data and use it in your Google Data Studio reports.

With our brand new Google Data Studio connector (beta), you can build beautifully designed SEO rank tracking reports for internal stakeholders or your agency’s clients.

google data studio authoritylabs rank tracker report

Our Customers Love Us

"Our primary rank tracking solution we used every day to track thousands of rankings."

“This is one of the simplest rank tracking solutions out there. The interface and UI are fantastic and very easy to read. Pretty much the only reason they have been our rank tracking solution is how user-friendly and easy to understand the dashboard is. We can send the individualized dashboards to clients via simple URL so they can check their rankings each day which is fantastic.”

Calin H.
SEO Director

Start Tracking Your SEO Campaigns Today

We know how important it is to trust your search engine keyword rank tracking provider. That’s why we provide you with high-quality data that you can trust.

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