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General Questions

There is no catch. We don’t ask for credit card info up front and we won’t email you every day trying to upsell you on something. We’ve never liked having to give up sensitive data to test a service, so we don’t want you to either. You’ll have full access to the plan you select for 14 days. When it gets close to the end of the 14 days, we’ll send you a reminder. If you decide not to continue with the service, the account will be suspended and you won’t be charged.

Yes. We make it easy to upgrade or downgrade your plan to fit your needs. Whenever you downgrade or upgrade, your account will immediately reflect this change and your card will be charged according to your new plan on your scheduled billing date the next month.
We try to make things as easy as possible. If you decide that we’re just not a good fit, we don’t want to trick you into staying. If you haven’t already entered credit card info, the account will automatically be suspended and if you would like to cancel a paid account, simply contact us and we will take care of it.
Nope. Your account has an unlimited number of users that can be added. Add as many employees or clients as you like for no additional cost.
Our support team can be reached through various support options if you have questions or need assistance. We currently don’t support unscheduled phone calls, but are happy to get on the phone at any time. We’ll also set up a custom demo for you, so you can see exactly how to take advantage of AuthorityLabs’ data.

Product Questions

When we access search engines we look like a new visitor with every search we perform, so you know exactly where you rank for people who are exposed to your site for the first time through search. Unlike other rank tracking tools, we grab results in groups of 10 like a real user would see. We’re also able to specify from which locale we want search results. You will see some fluctuations in ranking data from day to day, this is normal and due to constant algorithm updates. We count universal sections as a position (i.e. photo, video, news results and/or local results) when they appear in search results.
No. If using a rank checker such as AuthorityLabs could cause a site to get penalized, people could easily get their competitors’ sites penalized by checking the rankings for those sites. We don’t send any identifiable data to the search engines, so the tracking is completely anonymous.
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