How to Locally Track Domains

Learning how to Locally track your domain is as easy as watching a commercial. Check out our 2:30 tutorial video below:

If videos aren’t your thing, don’t worry. Imma break it down for you. 🙂

Tracking a site that is outside of the US

Step 1 – Add Domain

While in your domain’s dashboard, there is an option to add a domain. Go ahead on click on that sucker.


Step 2 – Enter domain and local information

Enter the domain you would like to track. I chose a site in Lithuania, because I’m plucky like that.


Step 3 – Keywords

Now that you enter your domain and location, throw in a few keywords to get started with.


Wahoo! You set up a domain for a site outside of the US.

Site inside the US

Step 1 – Enter domain

Grab the domain you would like to track. I chose a dance studio in Philadelphia, PA.

locally 4

Step 2Enter local information 

Pick the city, state, and zip code of the domain you are tracking.


Step 3 – Submit

Also, to learn how I added it to a domain group, check out this tutorial.


Step 4Keywords 

Add in some keywords, and you’re finished!


Simple as that!

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