Working With Freelancers: A Guide to Hiring Freelancers in the Digital Marketing World

Own your own business? Ready to take some of the workload off of you and start outsourcing? Hiring a digital marketing freelancer may be the solution for your social media, content, advertising, and SEO tasks. 

The benefits to hiring a freelancer is not only freeing up your schedule to allow you to work on other tasks, but when you hire someone who specializes in a specific field they’re more than likely to produce results for your business.

There’s a freelancer available for just about any type of digital marketing task your business may need, but it’s an incredibly competitive field. Finding the right fit for your digital marketing needs can be time consuming and take an excessive amount of trail and error during the search to find the right candidate.

So, let’s dive right in and look at what it takes to find the right freelancer in the digital marketing world.

Does it matter where a freelancer is located?

There’s quite a lot of competition from overseas freelancers offering low hourly rates, but sometimes you may need a specific type of lingo or branding that is preferred in one city, state, or country over the other. You can always look locally for freelancers through Craigslist and LinkedIn, but will have a broader list to chose from if you don’t need a local freelancer. Designate what area, if you have a preference, you’d prefer your freelancer to be in before beginning to look.

How do you find and hire freelancers?

There are several programs out there designed to take the hard part out of working with freelancers. The programs below simplify the scouting, hiring, management, and payment process for freelancers in the digital marketing industry, making it easier and quicker for you to start getting the necessary tasks done. 


Hire freelancers hourly or through a per-project basis using Upwork. Virtual assistants, accountants, writers, customer services, design, SEO, social media – you name it and you can most likely find a relevant freelancer for any job type on Upwork. 

Upwork does take their own cut of the management though with a 2.75% process fee per payment for clients using Upwork. Even with the process fee, Upwork is still considered a low cost and easy way to find freelancers for multiple types of projects.

Creative Circle

Creative Circle helps pair digital marketing based freelancers with relevant businesses. Unlike other freelance companies, Creative Circle is a bit more hands on when it comes to helping you select the right candidate for the job, and for a reason. Larger companies like GoPro, TIME Magazine, and Google all use Creative Circle to find the most creative freelance talent. 

The first step to finding a new freelancer on Creative Circle is to contact the company itself. They’ll then discuss your needs and help determine a proper hourly budget, along with the best freelancers for your budget and project.


Finding a freelancer on CloudPeeps is as simple as posting a job, matching with talent, and then hiring.


A bonus to CloudPeeps is that they take care of all legal, invoices, time tracking, and payouts. You’re able to focus on just reviewing the work and providing any necessary feedback to the freelancer of your choice.

Need an entire team to help achieve your goals? CloudPeeps offer a Concierge Service to help build a dream team of “Pro Peeps”. For only $150 per job, businesses can get matched up with the perfect candidate.

People Per Hour

Graphic design, website development, content marketing, and promotion are all services freelancers at People Per Hour offer. Post your next job and wait for freelancers to submit proposals or try Browse Hourlies™ to get a specific project started immediately.



The freelancers categorized as Hourlies™ offer a very specific service, like 30-minutes worth of updates to a WordPress website and designate their price upfront. Chose how quickly you need the job done by (the delivery time), what country you prefer the freelancer to come from, the price, and skillset.

All you’ll need to start is a down payment to begin with the Hourlies™ and if you’re content with the job you can request a follow-up proposal.


Need a custom graphic design? DesignCrowd allows you to set a fixed price, explain what kind of design you’d like, and chose from an array of submissions. The best part is that you receive tons and tons of designs from different types of designers and only pay for the design that you like.

Set a budget for your project and watch as designs from multiple designers start to pour into your inbox.


This type of freelance graphic design process is great for new business owners who don’t have a clear idea of what their logo and branding should look like. Launching a project on DesignCrowd makes it easy to have several designs submitted while only paying the price for one designer. Chose from logos, websites, t-shirts, flyers, brochures, and business card designs.


There over 1.5 million “gurus” available for hire on with skills that range past just digital marketing, offering technical, creative, and business specialties. Similar to Upwork, you can manage freelancers through contract agreements, milestones, document sharing, and communication all within one platform.

What makes Guru unique is its Enterprise level that allows businesses to manage a large number of freelancers at the same time. Guru works with you to help design a workflow management system and maximize ROI. You can reach out to Guru for pricing on their Enterprise service by calling 1-888-678-0136.

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