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Why AuthorityLabs

Leverage location and device data

Optimize your SEO campaigns with the most accurate daily rank tracking data available. Always know where your domains rank for the keywords that matter most, in any geographic area and across device types.

Get location-specific rank tracking with AuthorityLabs. We get hyper-local with city and zip code data and can track your domains in every country and language offered by Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Soon we will even be launching more specific location data using GPS coordinates.

You can also choose to target based on device. AuthorityLabs provides data on desktop, mobile, and tablet rankings to help you understand how devices impact your domain’s SEO.

Combine both location and device insights for your domain to truly stay ahead of the competition.

Not Provided Keywords Are Now Provided

Most SERP tools don’t show you the ‘Not Provided’ keywords, which are often the most important keywords that visitors use to search for websites like yours. We’ve got you covered, discover those pesky ‘Not Provided’ keywords and inform your SEO strategy with the insights.

With our unique Now Provided reports, you can find new keyword targeting opportunities. Now you’ll know exactly what terms your visitors are using to search and discover your website. Optimize your content strategy and uncover content gaps in 60 seconds or less.

We get the data for our Now Provided reports data from multiple sources, pulling from our own rank tracking data and Google Analytics to show you which keywords are driving traffic to each page on your site.

Use this report to prioritize SEO focus, plan new content, and improve underperforming landing pages

Optimize for Mobile

As of 2019, more than half of Google searches come from mobile devices so it is critical that every SEO strategy optimizes for mobile rankings

Use AuthorityLabs to compare your mobile rankings to your desktop results. Identify where your desktop strategy has proven successful and ensure that your mobile rankings stack up.

Go even further with mobile by localizing your rank data to see which keywords are most likely to drive in-store traffic for local and service area businesses.

Outsmart your competitors

Knowing exactly what your competitors are doing is vital to a successful SEO campaign. Add the domains and keywords of your top competitors to keep your competitive edge.

Each unique keyword is only counted once, no matter how many domains you track by location, so there’s no reason not to know what your competitors are doing.

Once you’ve added competitors into the tool, you can group and sync your domains with theirs to get a side by side comparison and see how you compare.

Get ready to come up with new ideas and stay ahead of the competition!

Save time with scheduled reports

Anyone who manually runs reports knows how tedious it can be to do reporting on your own. Save yourself time by setting up automated data exports and receive weekly and/or monthly ranking reports with AuthorityLabs.

These automated reports can easily be added into your reporting process whether you’re reporting to a client or to a boss.

AuthorityLabs was created to save you time and provide you with the data you need to create successful SEO campaigns.

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