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What's new at AuthorityLabs

Newly Redesigned API – Welcome PAPI2

We’ve recently redesigned the infrastructure of our data API, making it more user friendly. AuthorityLabs and PAPI2 are bringing you the data you need and allowing you to create workflows that make more sense.

Whether you’re an enterprise business or a new startup, you’ll be able to scale large amounts of technical data with our new and improved layout.

With the launch of PAPI2 you’ll also get real time data monitoring that detects updates in the SERPs faster than any other SEO tool.

Not only are we one of the most cost-effective solutions, but now we’re also the most user-friendly SEO tool on the market.

Custom Data Collections​

No two businesses are the same, and their data needs are just as unique. With our new Custom Data Collections, you can tailor data sets to meet your individual business needs.

This means that you can collect custom data points about the specific SERP features you care about.
• Collect the ranking of order links within the knowledge panel (like we do for food delivery apps)
• Identify unauthorized paid search campaigns of affiliate partners via link analysis (like we do for one of the world’s largest travel sites)
• Deliver data in a manner that seamlessly integrates with your internal BI systems (like we do for one of the world’s largest real estate companies)

SERP Data Collection

We collect more data on SERP features than anyone in the industry. We get Google, we understand how search engines rank, and we have the data to back it up.
With our platform you gain insights into all SERP features, including:

• organic results
• local pack
• knowledge graph
• brand pack
• answer snippet
• shopping pack
• jobs pack
• paid ads
• news pack
• image pack
• video pack
• related searches
• people also ask

Just to name a few.

E-commerce, the newest SERPs in town

If you’re in the business of selling products, is essential to your SEO strategy. With AuthorityLabs, you can track product rankings on and 20 other e-commerce sites including and

Optimize page content to increase product rank and maximize organic search traffic. Watch competing products slip from consumer view as your share-of-shelf increases. Win the e-commerce game by leveraging AuthorityLabs data.

Clickstream Data

Our clickstream datasets provide access to data that has previously been out of reach. AuthorityLabs helps you to glean insights from keyword click patterns, understand your competitive share of organic traffic, see top paid keywords in any category, and command a larger share of search across the entire marketplace. Use this data to benchmark yourself against your competitors and uncover their best performing keywords.

By sourcing the world’s largest clickstream dataset, we’ve enabled our users to gain insights previously only available to the most sophisticated marketers (with the largest budgets). Clickstream data can also be used to better understand onsite search activity for online retailers such as Amazon and Walmart, expanding the reach of SEO skillsets to ecommerce analysis.

BIG Data Integrations

If you are working to optimize high volumes of data to make the best decisions, we can help you collect the technical information you need to drive your analytics. Use AuthorityLabs new Big Data Integrations to save time and work at scale.

Our many data delivery integrations seamlessly integrate SEO rank tracking data into client environments like S3 buckets, Google storage, BigQuery, Google Data Studio, and AWS Elasticsearch – all of which are dedicated to specific clients like Walmart, Target, BestBuy, Chewy, and Sephora.

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