Social Visibility Experiment

The goal of this experiment was to show that a good social media strategy can lead to more visibility in organic SERPs. We took a sampling of SERP data from 2560 high value keywords. The list includes short tail, long tail, branded, non-branded, misspellings, and even a few URL searches. This data was acquired through our Partner API.

As you can see below, Facebook appears in the top 50 results for nearly 25% of these terms and a little over 5% have a Twitter URL in the top 50. Many of the ranked Facebook pages are tied to brands but there is also a fair number of pages and notes which are ranking well for more generic terms such as [cheapest homeowner loans].

Site Top 10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51 26 18 15 30 155 139 133 115 88

If you would like to run your own experiments against this set of data, you can download a copy of the SERP and keyword data. Each SERP is in json format and includes approximately 120 results for each keyword.

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