Mobile Marketing Stats You Should Know for 2014

Every business owner should be educated and focused on all marketing possibilities via mobile. As the infographic below, from WebDAM, shows 1.4 billion people used smartphones in 2013! That is 1 in 7 people worldwide!

A business CANNOT ignore the importance of mobile devices when it comes to how a website displays & works (keep in mind that tablets and phablets are a part of mobile). Businesses also can’t ignore the different marketing options available via mobile.

I suggest you really study the infographic below and examine the different types of mobile marketing and the top 5 mobile apps that are being used. Think about what mobile marketing options you have missed and consider how you can take advantage of the top 5 apps to gain some exposure for your company.

The mobile device industry will continue to grow and evolve, so if you haven’t done so already please educate yourself on mobile marketing and accessibility. You need to understand how to help your business via mobile marketing if you hope to survive.  (Click infographic to expand)


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