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  • Gain greater visibility into keywords driving traffic to your site
  • Uncover keywords that are otherwise not provided
  • Understand source keywords for competitors’ organic traffic

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Enriched Google Clickstream Data

Our deliverable incorporates & is based on the world's largest clickstream data provider.

  • Determine the share of clicks for your site within your competitive set
  • Identify the paid keywords your competitors are bidding on & to what degree
  • Quantify the clickthrough rate based on rank position and SERP feature
  • Assess keyword volumes and increasing/decreasing trends over time

Other AuthorityLabs Data Features

Data For Every Vertical

Inform your SEO industry strategy, track local and national competitors, and discover SERP feature opportunities.

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Track product rankings on the eCommerce sites that are essential to the success of your business.

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Conduct high level industry SERP research and provide clients with the most granular, rich ranking insights.

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Visualize SEO performance for the C-Suite, track your content, and inform your brand’s SEO strategy.

SERP Data Collection

With the launch of our new API, you’ll also get real-time data monitoring that detects updates in the SERP faster than any other SEO tool.

Custom Data Collections

Data collection features:

  • Collect the ranking of order links within the knowledge panel (like we do for food delivery apps)
  • Identify unauthorized paid search campaigns of affiliate partners via link analysis (like we do for one of the world’s largest travel sites)
  • organic results
  • local pack
  • knowledge graph
  • brand pack
  • answer snippet
  • shopping pack
  • jobs pack
  • paid ads
  • news pack
  • image pack
  • video pack
  • related searches
  • people also ask

eCommerce, the Newest SERPs in Town

Measure the performance of your product descriptions, images, and optimization tactics with eCommerce rank tracking.

If you’re in the business of selling products, is essential to your SEO strategy. With AuthorityLabs, you can track product rankings on and 20 other eCommerce sites including and

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  • Optimize page content to increase product rank and maximize organic search traffic.
  • Watch competing products slip from consumer view as your share-of-shelf increases.
  • Win the eCommerce game by leveraging AuthorityLabs data.
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BIG Data Integrations

Our many data delivery integrations seamlessly integrate SEO rank tracking data into client environments like S3 buckets, Google storage, BigQuery, Google Data Studio, and AWS Elasticsearch – all of which are dedicated to specific clients like Walmart, Target, BestBuy, Chewy, and Sephora.

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Consume Data in your Internal BI Tool​

If you are working to optimize high volumes of data to make the best decisions, we can help you collect the technical information you need to drive your analytics. 

Connect AuthorityLabs data to your existing business intelligence tools to save time and work at scale.

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