How AuthorityLabs Helped Us Increase Our Revenue by $200,000 This Year

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There’s quite a few different rank tracking softwares out there. We like to think that ours is pretty darn good. We really think that when customers like Synup tell us how they made $200,000 in revenue in just one year by using our software. Our software allows customers to do a whole lot more than just track rankings. You’re able to recover non-provided keywords, automate seo monitoring, and track mobile rankings.

Keep on reading and see how Synup, an ordinary company like yours, was able to start generating revenue within two weeks of using AuthorityLabs’ rank tracking software.

All growth and marketing efforts at Synup are made bearing one simple yet firm motto in mind. That being: “Build a great product.”

While creating a customer-centric product, we often build the plane as we are flying it. Also, a “great product” only gets more difficult to make as time passes. However, thanks to AuthorityLabs, we were able to seamlessly build a useful feature, and what’s better is the fact that we were able to increase our revenue by $200,000 by doing it.

The Product

Synup’s software allows local marketers to manage their presence at scale. We let marketers and small businesses manage their listings across multiple search engines and directories with ease. This saves time and also helps in a better online marketing performance.

The Problem

One of the most important benefits that our platform provides is consistency of citations and profiles across the web. Consistent data across all profiles equals improvement in ranking.

But we had no way of showing our customers how their rankings were improving over time and how Synup’s product was helping them get there. Not being able to show results that highlighted the improvement in a business’ rankings after the customer started using our product made it look like our product was not impacting their business at all!

We needed to build an SERP rank tracker quickly while ensuring that we don’t spend too many resources doing this. Being a small startup, it isn’t possible for us to have large engineering teams building a product from scratch.

We had to find a solution that would help us roll the feature out ASAP and one that could scale according to our needs at the same time.

Enter AuthorityLabs

While looking at multiple options, we found AuthorityLabs and it seemed like a perfect fit for what we were trying to achieve. We had several concerns and this is how we went about looking at them.

1. Easy to Integrate

Our application is built on Ruby On Rails and we needed a system that could be super easy to integrate. AuthorityLabs has it’s own Rails gem which made life easier for us. The gem was also extremely well documented and this made it considerably easy for us to implement.

2. We Needed Flexibility in Pricing

The biggest problem we found with other players was that they wanted to tie us into a “package”. We had to commit to volumes and go on a recurring subscription to get access to the product. This is something extremely undesirable for a startup that’s just launching a feature.

We needed the flexibility of a product like Amazon AWS, and AuthorityLabs had exactly what we needed in that aspect. It was easy to comprehend a pricing plan where we just got charged for what we used as opposed to having to hit a minimum quota in order to ensure that we weren’t wasting away our money.

3. We Needed Stellar Support

A large part of our software decision was also driven by the fact that the support folks from AuthorityLabs were getting back to us faster about questions in comparison to others who offered something similar.

4. Future Scalability

Though we started small, we intended to scale considerably in the future. Also, we needed to work with a solid partner whose core purpose was rank tracking. Not a provider who was doing a number of things, with ‘Rankings’ being just “one of the features”. The fact that AuthorityLabs was extremely focused on doing one thing and doing it right meant that we needn’t worry about scale.

How Long Did it Take for Us to Launch?

Two weeks. Yes! It took us literally two weeks from the beginning to the very end to build our very own rankings feature. This included all of the legwork, prototyping, development time and testing. We had a way to show definitive proof to our customers that we were making an impact; and all it took us was two weeks to get this done.

How Did This Impact our Business?

The great part about showing customers exactly how we were helping them succeed is that it adds a huge boost to creating happy customers and advocates. With the new integration, we could do just this.

Every time we had a customer whose rankings had improved because of our efforts, we would send out an email showing them exactly what happened and call them to see if they’d like to use more of our product.

And that’s how we generated over $200,000 in 2016 from people who upgraded their product licenses after we triggered ranking email updates to them. This was a huge, decisive victory for us, and all we had to do was leverage AuthorityLabs’ data.

Two weeks, $200K. An exceptional impact, in my opinion.

synup case study feature image
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