API Testing Console

Use the console below to make test requests to the AuthorityLabs API. In addition to this console, we highly recommend RequestBin for testing callbacks if you’re working on testing and integration.

A Few Notes

  • Authenticate with your API key using the auth_token parameter
  • The console does not currently support UTF-8 encoding so spaces in the keyword, or other character sets won’t work here, but will otherwise
  • If you don’t want to POST a keyword paste this into the Query URL field to quickly see example results
  • If the Apigee API console isn’t functioning for some reason try the Google Chome app REST Console
  • An assembled GET URL (with a proper API key) will work in your browser’s URL bar

http://api.authoritylabs.com/keywords/get?keyword=headphones&data_format=json&engine=google&locale=en-US&rank_date=2011-03-24&auth_token={your api key}

Full Size Console



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