4 Tax Deductible Devices That Everyone Should Have


Every year deductions are really important to any business, but I think sometimes newer small businesses and consultants don’t realize there are so many deductions available for them. If you are new to running your own business and you are in the SEO / Internet marketing industry here are some devices you can and should invest in.

Computers – 100% Deductible

New computers are, for geeks, more exciting than Christmas morning, right? Imagine getting to open a new, amazing computer and also getting to deduct 100% of the cost! With Section 179 small business owners “can get their entire depreciation deduction in one year, rather than taking it a little at a time over the term of an asset’s useful life.” (Nolo.com).

So, now you don’t need to feel guilty about getting the most up-to-date computers, and honestly you really need to stay up to date in this industry with your electronics. Don’t feel bad about investing in computers that will make your life easier.

Cameras – You Really Need A Good One!

You don’t have to have the best camera available, but you do need a really good camera if you are in the Internet marketing realm. Some examples:

  • WritersCameraYou can buy tons of images for articles or take your own and not worry about image credits. You could even gain some additional personal branding coverage with great images, and image credits. In the end you save money with a camera.
  • Web designers – You too can buy tons of images for the sites you create or you can charge your clients to get more custom images of their business, staff, products and offices.
  • Social Media Managers – Just imagine how many images you could take yourselves for marketing purposes, and memes. Even if you work for someone else the camera can help you be better at your job and it is a deduction.
  • Editors – You know how you can always think of this one image you would like to have for an article, but can’t find it on image buying sites? Well now you can take them yourselves.

If you are in the Internet marketing world you know how important images are. A nice camera is a deduction and an investment because it can help you brand your company and/or yourself.

Tablets  – You HAVE to Have One!

Again, whether you are a designer, developer, writer, social media manager or have any other role in a tech field, this is a needed item and a deduction. It is CRITICAL that you know how things – websites, articles, images, social apps, emails, etc. – display and/or work on a tablet (really all tablets). You need to be aware of problems that arise for readers/users for quality control purposes.

Examples: If you are a writer you need to know that your articles are displaying well on mobile devices. Many writers guest blog on multiple sites and they need to be aware of how their articles are seen by others. Believe it or not readers often blame the author, not the site when things don’t display well.

Social media managers need to know how things appear to their community members on tablets and designers already know how important it is to check mobile devices for design issues.

Bottom line, you need a tablet and it is a deduction (and it falls under the computer category).

Backup Chargers

If you are involved in any of the jobs I mentioned above you have to be ready to work from anywhere at anytime. It is always great to have backup chargers for your computers and tablets, but it is even more important to have them for your mobile phones. If you don’t have access to wi-fi for your computers you can use a phone as backup.

Community managers, writers, editors and marketers can run almost every tool from their phones while also checking the web, email and social accounts at the same time. Obviously this quickly drains a battery, but sometimes emergencies happen and a mobile device is a lifesaver. However, it isn’t always possible to find a place to charge a phone, so a backup charger is a must have.

Yes, There are Many Devices You Could Buy and Deduct…

…but these are 4 items I cannot live without for many of the reasons I listed above. I have a camera that allows me to take high quality shots for work and also personal branding. I can’t live without a tablet and my backup charger keeps those who pay me happy. If you work in the same field I do it is really important that you can work from anywhere so do your research and invest in well-reviewed backup chargers. Please tell me what devices you can’t live without in the comments below.

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