3 Daily SEO Tactics You Should Start Today

Perhaps the most common misnomer about SEO is that it’s static. It’s not. In fact, the best way to approach SEO is to constantly mold the process that you’re using.

SEO is a living and breathing art form. Some would argue it’s a tedious art form, but nonetheless there is still a rhythm to it’s success. It requires consistent updating and supervision in order to bring results. The payoff for being vigilant about your SEO comes in heaps through increased traffic, better customers, and more profits.

One of the best ways to keep your SEO on point is do it regularly. And by regularly, I mean daily. That might sound like a lot of work, but in reality when you maintain your SEO through daily attention to it, you’ll find that the task isn’t as overwhelming to tackle.

I’ll assume that as you create content you’re tagging it properly, using alt tags for images, and attending to your meta data and keywords. Daily SEO isn’t going to fix those issues – that’s something that you want to attend to at the start of your process or that you want to fix through an SEO content audit. These three daily SEO tactics below are simple to do, but they’ll have your website improving by leaps and bounds.

Dead links are bad for SEO and they’re bad for user experience. Start off your link check by reviewing your site for broken links with a tool that’s made for the purpose. It’s an easy job that will only take a few minutes once you’ve done an initial check. We have a backlink checker tool, a free one, that you may want to look into.

AuthorityLabs Backline Checker will help you look for backlinks to a domain, URL or partial URL on explicit pages. It will also help you keep track of your most valuable links and make sure they’re still linking to you.

If you chose to do your own link research, here’s what to look for during the link check:

  • Broken internal links
  • Broken external links
  • Links that aren’t well described
  • External links go to high quality sources
  • External links open in a new window

Broken links are obviously an issue. They hurt your site’s SEO score and make it a challenge for readers to interface with your content. It’s frustrating to click on a link that goes nowhere! You also want to ensure that links actually go where they say they’re going. If you have text that says “SEO tactics click here” that links to a blog post about site design, that’s an error you’ll need to fix.

The other issue that you want to work on is the quality of the sources that your links go to. Look for sites to link to with low spam scores and high content scores. You can run any website through a number of checkers to find out where it falls on the spectrum. Linking to sites with good SEO improves your SEO. Linking to sites with bad SEO or that might be perceived as spam can damage your rankings.

One last note on links – make sure that links open in a new window. That’s mostly to ensure that readers don’t navigate away from your site directly.

Daily SEO Tactic #2 – Add Fresh Content

The more you add content, the better your SEO is going to be. Google and other search engines are always on the lookout for new pieces or updates. Again, keep in mind that SEO is a living art form. The more vitality and effort you put into it, the more you grow you content, the more your SEO is going to grow. Search engines want to see that your site is active, rather than being a dead spot taking up space on the net.

You don’t have to post a giant piece of content every day, though you do want to do that at least once a week. That’s a BARE minimum however, 3-5 new content pieces a week is a much better target if you’re serious about SEO.  Daily you can update a page, add a new bit of content or new links to an existing piece, or insert some images into what’s already there. The point is to show search engines that your site is being actively attended to, and with relevant content.

Daily SEO Tactic #3 – Solicit Outside Connections

Here again we come to the synergy that is the internet. The two parts of SEO are what you put out there for the world, and then what the world looks back at your site with. You want them to like you, to really like you. The way that sites show that they like you is by linking back to your content.

The reality is that getting backlinks is a time consuming and difficult process. There are no shortcuts in getting backlinks. No matter what a service provider might try to sell you on, it’s simply impossible to buy your way into great backlinks. Search engines today are far too intelligent for that kind of thing. Instead, what you have to do is to reach out and form genuine connections with other sites – like cyber networking.

How do you make those quality backlinks happen? How do you create the relationships that will build your profile online? Here’s what you have to do every do to make that happen.

  • Link exchange: Reach out to three quality sites within your niche, offering to link to their site in return for a link to yours.
  • Guest posting: Every day you should search for quality sites in your niche that you can get a quality backlink from, usually in your bio. Pitch an idea for a piece or submit something you’ve written.
  • Become an author: There are many sites on the web that will allow you to become a guest poster and insert links into pieces you write often and with little or no supervision once you’ve been cleared as a contributor.
  • Respond to requests from other sites: Responding quickly to offers of guest posting for your site is critically important in successfully getting those backlinks. A critical point here is that you don’t want to ever give a link to another site without getting one back.

Building a network of links to your site is hands down the most effective way to improve your SEO. The key to it is that you have to put time and effort into it consistently. Adding this to your daily SEO routine will give you exactly the kind of discipline that you need to make it work for your business.

Consistency = Results in SEO

Attending to your SEO every day by taking just thirty minutes to evaluate your links, update your content, and build your backlink network is a powerful way to improve your site’s rank. It can’t be overstated how important it is to give your SEO daily attention. When you follow these steps, in addition to adding regular content and building it smartly along the way, the results can be almost magical in terms of increasing site visits.



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