How Award Winning Agency 1SEO Uses AuthorityLabs To Boost Client Growth

1seo AuthorityLabs Case Study

1SEO are award winning digital marketers.

According to Inc. magazine, they’ve achieved 83 percent growth over the last three years. They generated 5,000,000+ leads, drove an incredible 38,210,973 new customers to client stores and produced $49,331,782 in ecommerce sales for their clients in the last year alone.

When 1SEO began their journey, they were search engine optimization specialists. They eventually expanded their services to include digital marketing, but they choose to keep their attention fixed on their original core value.

Growth for their clients.

“At the end of the day, our goal is growth. We want to increase leads; we want to increase conversions and our client’s bottom line.”

Anthony Kane, Director of SEO

Their agency was founded on delivering growth to small, local businesses. If they didn’t make the phone ring, these local businesses would soon be out of business. Anthony Kane said, “Our company was pretty much founded on helping small, local business. That was the bulk of our book of business when we started. We’ve stuck to those roots.”

The Challenge: Dealing with Growth

1SEO’s focus on growth resonated with clients. Many of their clients — small, local businesses —  arrived with baggage, disappointments, and fears. Many of their clients weren’t used to being treated well. 

Kane elaborates:  

“In this space, it’s really tricky, because clients have often been with multiple agencies. For some it’s three or four, for others it’s upwards of eight or nine. They’ve been burned before; they were unhappy with the (lack of) results, poor communication, or a lack of transparency.”

1SEO’s obsessive focus on growth meant clients received the transparent communication, peace of mind, and consistent results they needed to keep their business going.

“[It’s inevitable.] Said Kane. “We’re going to have to test things out or try different approaches. And if it doesn’t work, you know, we want to be upfront and let you know that we’re working on another kind of angle. So, I think that’s a unique approach, one I don’t think a lot of clients who come on board and have had bad experiences have experienced in the past.”

Isn’t that a good thing?

Definitely. But it also meant 1SEO had a growth challenge of their own. They needed a way to deliver routinely. To manage their rapidly growing client roster while improving their performance. Agency veterans know this better than most.

Growth, in the wrong hands, is an agency killer.

As 1SEO’s business grew, so did their risk. Client transparency is one thing. Client transparency at scale is another problem entirely. If they weren’t careful, their growth could have a negative effect on their stellar track record.

This outcome was completely unacceptable.

The Solution: Find a Trustworthy Partner

1SEO, like any digital marketing agency, relies on an eclectic mix of trustworthy tools across a variety of topics.

“We’ll use everything,” Kane said, “Tools that are given to us, like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, as well as tools like AuthorityLabs, SpyFu, SEMRush, MajesticSEO or Screaming Frog.”

These tools provide 1SEO with the foundation they need to assess their client’s campaign performance over time. 1SEO needed AuthorityLabs to help them achieve a few specific goals.

1. Create a baseline. A straightforward assessment, showing clients where they are now, at the beginning of their campaign. This baseline enables 1SEO to set achievable goals, continually providing clients with data showing their progress.

2. Monitor performance. 1SEO needs to monitor client campaigns and positions daily, weekly, quarterly and annually. They also need to analyze custom date ranges and compare performance historically.

3. Identify errors and quality issues. 1SEO needs to assess crawl errors, monitor changes in rank and backlink analysis.

4. Monitor localized results. In many ways, local search is a very different animal than organic search. 1SEO needs local ranking data to identify the hyper-local keyword queries that are most likely to drive in-store traffic for their local clients, whether they’re local, regional, national or international businesses.

5. Analyze trends and behavior. When Google or Bing decides to roll out a major update, 1SEO needs Authority Labs to monitor the impact these updates have on clients in the same industry or segment. They also need to monitor clients of a similar size – as well as other ad hoc metrics.

“As Google rolls out algorithm updates, it’s great to have a tool where we can look at the overall trends of a particular group,” Kane said. “If I want to look at an industry, let’s say I want to look at all the HVAC companies and see how they were affected as a group, I can do that through, AuthorityLabs. I can also get to the nitty-gritty details of a particular client or a particular keyword to see how things shook out for them after a major update or even after changes have been made to their site.”

It’s 1SEO’s curated software and technology platform that’s bolstered their focus on growth.

The Results: Trust maintained

“Being completely transparent, having great communication is ultimately what client relationships are about,” Kane said. “You know, things aren’t always going to work great. There’s going to be things we have to test out. If it doesn’t work, we want to be upfront and let our clients know that we’re working on another angle.”

1SEO’s reliance on AuthorityLabs means they’re able to make good on their promise.

Consistent growth for their clients.

“At some point, someone, whether it’s a project manager handling the account or a marketer running a client’s campaign, is looking at each account every week. Kane said. “We consistently review these details with clients every month.”

1SEO’s consistent performance begins with its core values.

Their focus on generating results for their clients means they’re able to scale their agency’s growth while systematically improving the quality of the services they provide. AuthorityLabs, a small piece of their curated software and technology puzzle, means 1SEO is consistently able to generate the kind of amazing results other agencies can’t touch.

The numbers don’t lie.

Their incredible growth is no accident. The right values, coupled with a trustworthy partner, means 1SEO’s best years are still ahead.

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1seo AuthorityLabs Case Study
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