19 Stats About Google to Celebrate Google’s Birthday

What in the world would we do without Google?! Can you imagine such a place without the search engine giant? I sure can’t and that’s why I’m extra thankful to be able to wish Google a very happy 19th birthday today.


To celebrate their own birthday, Google created a few different fun surprises for users. My favorite being their roundup of this day in history which showcases Doodles of their logo in celebratory fashion over the years. Take notice to the first one in the bottom right, “Googlle”.

Another “gift” Google is giving to it’s users is found inside of the Doodle, home to 19 different surprises. Google also brought back the world’s most beloved game, Snake. Which I must admit, I only made it to 6 apples.

“We invite you to explore 19 surprises we’ve launched over the past 19 years – including our brand new Search easter egg: Snake Game! So give it a spin and thanks for celebrating with us!”

As a thank you to Google, and to help you digital marketers polish up on those stats, let’s let’s look at 19 different stats about Google that all digital marketers should know.

Google Only Had 10,000 Daily Search Queries When They First Started

What a measure to showcase how far Google has come and how comfortable we all become using Google since September 1998.

Google Grew 40 to 60% Between 2001 and 2009, Now Growth Is Only at 10-15%

Google search continued to grow rapidly rising 40% to 60% during 2001 and 2009, but has recently started to slow down by 10% to 15% in recent years.

Google Serves 4.5 Billion Users in 160 Countries Speaking 123 Languages Worldwide

Shy of 35 countries, Google serves just about the entire world making themselves as available as possible.

Google Handles at Least 2 Trillion Searches a Year

There is a reason Google is called a search engine giant, and it’s because it is one. Not only is it the most popular search engine, but it handles the highest amount of searches year after year.

There Are More Google Searches Taking Place on Mobile Than Desktop

This is a stat all digital marketers should know as it’s imperative for search, social, and content marketers. Mobile needs to be the first priority when it comes to user experience, but that doesn’t mean we can forget about desktop. Searches on desktop are still tremendous.

It makes sense, though, doesn’t it? Creating quality content that your demographic likes paired with a repertoire of links from credible websites should help put your website on page one of search results. Google’s Search Quality Senior Strategist agreed when he announced during a live WebPromo that high quality content and link building are the two most important signals used by Google to rank your website for search.

First Page Results Average 1,890 Words

A report by Backlinko in 2016 found that on average, the first page result on Google had 1,890 words. That many words is nowhere near considered short form content. Almost 2,000 words is a lot, and has a plenty of room for explanation and keywords. Perhaps the SEO’s were right all of those times they said longer content is better for ranking.

Global Marketing Share Favors Google by 77%

As of April this year, the Net Market Share reported that the global marketing share percentage, in terms of the use of Search Engines, heavily favors Google. The favor was incredibly high at 77%, but I can’t blame them. I favor Google, too.

Google Also Dominates the Mobile Search Market Share

The mobile search share is divided by the following:

  • Google: 53%
  • Yahoo!: 07%
  • Bing: 01%

86% of People Look Up the Location of a Business Using Google Maps

I’m part of that stat and I’m sure you are, too. It’s so handy to locate the business that you’re searching for at the same time as searching for their hours, days of operation, and phone number. If you don’t have your Google My Business information updated, do so now. Searchers are looking for your business information it and Google is happy to provide it.

82 Billion Apps and Games Were Downloaded This Past Year on Android

On one of Google’s many products, Android, there were 82 billion apps and games downloaded this past year. Apps and games aren’t going anywhere anytime soon so if you haven’t already, it’s time to jump on the app train and integrate an app with your business.

Over 1 Billion Users Use Google’s 7 Products

Google said at its developer conference that it has 7 products with over 1 billion users: Gmail, Chrome, Maps, Search, YouTube, Google Play Store and Android, which just hit 2 billion active devices. This giant is much more than a search engine and offers products that you and your customers can take advantage of. Keep your office and day-to-day organized with Gmail and Docs, get your business listed on Maps, create videos for your customers on YouTube, add apps on Google Play, and make your website responsive to Android devices all thanks to Google.

16% to 20% of Queries That Get Asked Each Day Have Never Been Asked Before

No, content is not dead. No, you haven’t thought of all of the keyword options for your website yet. Yes, there really are endless possibilities for queries. When you’re trying to think of what your customer is searching for and how you can present a solution, think about your own actions and what you’re searching for. Chances are the way you search is similar to the queries your customers are searching for.

Google Now Processes Over 40,000 Search Queries Every Second

This is an average, but is still mind blowing.

Queries Travel an Average of 1,500 Miles to a Data Center and Back

Now this is just a fun stat and one of those, “you learn something new everyday” types of things. That’s a lot of traveling each query has to do with an average of 1,500 miles to a data center and back to generate an answer.

A Single Google Query Uses 1,000 Computers and 0.2 Seconds to Retrieve an Answer

It’s quite crazy to think that with how many searches are taking place each day, the amount of effort and work it takes to generate a query from Google. A thousand computers generating an answer in under a half second is beyond impressive. It will be interesting to see how Google improves this even further over the next few years.

The Spending on Google Shopping Ads Grew to 43%

There are a handful of reasons that could explain this, but the holiday season is coming which means ads for Google shopping is going to be even more important. Keep in mind, you may want to up your Q4 ad spend with this stat, as it showcases businesses are spending more and more.

Google Paid Search Spend is Up 23% in Q2

Thanks to non-brand text and the increase in spend on Google’s shopping ads, paid search spend increased by 23% in Q2. I can only imagine what kind of increase Q4 is going to bring for Google paid search.

There Have Been This Many Searches on Google So Far Today 

And that number is only growing.




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