Partner API Tester

AuthorityLabs Data Services

This tool will help you test the AuthorityLabs Data Services. It’s built for product managers and engineers implementing the AuthorityLabs Data Services so they can manually test their POST and GET requests and view the responses.

How to Use

When you click on the “Download the Tool” button a Google Spreadsheet file will open.

To make it your own, click “Make a copy” and add it to your Google Drive.
Once you have the link, copy the spreadsheet into your Google Sheets account – File > Make a copy.

You will also need to deploy the spreadsheet as a web app. To do that click Tools > Script Editor then Publish > Deploy as Web App.

When deploying as web app make sure to select “Anyone, even anonymous” for the “Who has access to the app:” option. This allows the AuthorityLabs Partner API to talk to Google Sheets.

Setup your POST requests on the Keywords sheet.

Click Partner API > Post Keywords to submit your POST requests. Around 45 seconds later data should start to populate on the Callbacks sheet.

Click Partner API > Get Callbacks to run through your callbacks and do your GET requests.


You can watch your callbacks arriving in real-time on the Callbacks tab.
For locales to use see:


This API key is shared by everyone who uses this tool. There are limits in place on that API account. If you’d like your own API key please email [email protected] We send callbacks to a Google Sheets endpoint, which is what you set up when you deployed this sheet as a web app. When we do that, sometimes Google times out on us. This will cause missing callbacks. If you’re missing callbacks simply click Partner API > Get Callbacks and it will populate those. Note that the job to populate missing callbacks on the API side runs hourly so those may not be ready yet.

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